HarmonieBand is a six-piece ensemble of multi-instrumentalists specialising

in presenting especially composed scores for silent film

2017 Autumn dates

19th September: Colchester Art Centre (Pudovkin 'The End of St Petersburg)

22nd September: Breda Chasse Cinema (Vertov 'Man with a Movie Camera')

23rd September: Eindhoven Plaza Futura (Pudovkin 'The End of St Petersburg)

24th September 4pm :Amsterdam EYE (Pudovkin 'The End of St Petersburg)

1st October matinee: Barbican Cinema 1 (Pudovkin 'The End of St Petersburg)

14th October Derby Quad: (Keaton 'One Week' and 'Sherlock Junior)

15th October Manchester HOME matinee: (Pudovkin 'The End of St Petersburg)

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