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HarmonieBand is a three piece ensemble specialising in the presentation of specially composed scores by Paul Robinson to silent films. Originally formed in 1985 , HarmonieBand have performed at all the major art centres, cinemas and film festivals in the UK and Europe. These include trips to  Pordenone,Berlin, Dresden,three tours of Holland, the Cambridge Film Festival, annual appearances at the Barbican and numerous regional film theatres. In 2007 HarmonieBand was invited to join the Hilliard Ensemble with a new score by Paul Robinson for Dreyer's "Jeanne D'Arc" The score was presented in the Wroclaw Opera House and recorded for Polish TV

​The ensemble is dedicated to live performances of composed scores for silent movies and with judicious employment of backing tracks, makes an orchestral sound as a backdrop to the three live players on saxophones, viola and accordion.

                   HarmonieBand with The Hilliard Ensemble -Wroclaw Opera House 2007

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